Operations & Implementation

“We only propose, we don’t actually do” is the reality of many consultants. What sets John apart is his compelling desire to take rigorous and innovative strategic plans and put them into effective practice through hands-on implementation.

John will implement the strategic plan through the lens of his value model to make real your vision for the future of your organization. He bridges the gap between strategy and implementation and combines insightful problem analysis with creative solutions that has achieved a track record of increased stakeholder value for startup through multi-billion global enterprises. He is an operations leader that honors the team with clear plans, direction and transparency.

Business Planning

The Strategic Plan is only the beginning. Implementation, in addition to executive operational leadership, involves the translation of strategy into tactical financial, resource, facility and, most importantly, people plans. John works with the CEO/President/Owner and the senior team to determine the resources required to achieve the organization’s vision. He then works with your financial team to reinvigorate P&L, balance sheet, cash flow, capital plans and financing that carry out the strategy, achieve desired financial targets and support the strategic business evolution over the planning period.

Expertise includes:

N Financial Planning

N Resource Planning

N Responsive Reporting
N Forecasting

Operations Leadership

As an executive in your organization or as a business advisor, John works within your senior management team to implement strategic and business plans and bring them to life. He translates strategic vision into practical operational profits.

With diversified experience in marketing, sales, engineering, operations, project management and financial services, John drills into the enterprise and aligns functions with strategic purpose producing an efficient business flow platform. He ensures excellence in customer / enterprise touch points through implementation of rigorous performance standards and responsive operations while delivering world-class experience to clients. John establishes and cultivates a collaborative, collegial and effective business environment that delivers results. 

Expertise includes:

  • Executive Management
  • Senior Team Coordination
  • Development and Implementation of Policies and Procedures
  • Champions the Customer Experience
  • Drives Continuous Improvement
  • Develops Structure and Ensures Discipline

Marketing and Sales

John is a mission driven leader with the marketing, technical and strategic thinking talent to effectively drive a product, service or organization from vision to market success – from imagination to first traction. He develops and drives creative strategies to reinvigorate brands, strengthen, reposition and rejuvenate products and services and a company’s image while creating and targeting new audiences, customers and markets.

Expertise includes:

  • Marketing and Sales Management
  • Sales Organization Development
  • Development of the Value Proposition and Marketing Messages
  • Marketing Communications Programs

Organizational Structure & Development

The most critical part of any successful organization is getting the right people in the right positions, doing the right things at the right time, in concert with the strategic plan and each other. John is a connector and integrator of ideas and people, leads cross-functional teams, collaborates through challenging projects and business turnaround. He builds talented management teams and employee resources earning organizational trust. He leverages strong communication and interpersonal skills to gain support for ideas, proposals, projects, and solutions. Directs, motivates and delivers results from a diverse group of functional leaders coordinating and integrating their efforts to achieve the goals of the enterprise. Leads the team into the same boat and gets them to row together in the same direction through personal gravitas, dedication to their efforts and to the company strategy. 

Expertise includes:

  • Implementation of new Organizational Structures
  • Establishes and Drives Cross-functional Teams
  • Design and Implementation of the Performance Review Process
  • Personnel Evaluations (Senior team and others)
  • Identification and Correction of Institutional Vulnerabilities
  • Strategic Hiring
  • Development of Effective Incentive Compensation Programs

New Business Opportunities

As a company executive or a trusted business advisor, John works with business owners and senior teams to evaluate and execute business opportunities from product development, market and facilities expansions, to mergers, acquisitions and alternative business scenarios including exit plans, family ownership transitions and change of ownership.

Expertise includes:

  • Marketing and Sales Management
  • Sales Organization Development
  • Development of the Value Proposition and Marketing Messages
  • Marketing Communications Programs