What is a Fractional Executive?

In most organizations, executives are senior employees who perform a specific leadership role on a full-time basis – Chief Operating Officers, Chief Marking Officers, VP Sales & Marketing, VP of Operations, Business Unit Managers, etc.

As a Fractional Executive, John provides his clients with a wide range of executive level experience and support on a basis that addresses the specific needs of their current business situation. A fractional executive role can vary from temporary to on-going, part-time to essentially full-time. Organizations work with John for his talents and experience fueled by a desire to boost their trajectory with seasoned, intelligent, energetic, strategic and results driven competence on an as needed basis.

Scenarios include:

  • Companies in transition through executive retirement, family ownership changes and M&A
  • Filling temporary executive vacancies
  • Augmenting an existing executive team
  • Mentoring and Development of executive leadership
  • Strategic Leadership in an existing organization
  • Support of a struggling enterprise through a difficult period
  • Strategic Hiring
  • Managing Growth

John works with the CEO/ President/ Owner and the senior team to affect change and bring their enterprise to a higher level of performance and market prominence.

What is a Business Advisor?

An alternative to taking an active executive role within an organization, John also serves as a trusted Business Advisor or Consultant in support of the CEO/President/Owner and the senior team. John has a proven track record of building value for stakeholders in the areas of:

Strategic & Business Planning 》

Operations Excellence 》

Marketing & Sales 》

Organization Building & Development 》