Strategic Business Planning & Implementation

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Meet John

John is a multi-faceted leader and business veteran adept at gaining competitive advantage and building stakeholder value through a track record of successful strategy, marketing and operations innovations.

With his broad global experience in operations, strategic & business planning, marketing & sales, and product management, John is known for delivering innovative market-changing products, services and strategies while providing professional operational guidance and leadership.

John’s Key Strengths

  • Vision Creation and Implementation
  • Value Proposition Development and Communication
  • Champion of the Customer Experience
  • Delivery of Results
  • Broad Functional Expertise
  • Collaborative and Collegial Management Approach

Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning creates and then translates the vision for the organization into an executable plan.

John is a proven strategic thinker and planner with the gift that enables him to translate strategic vision into practical operational profits while ensuring that goals and objectives are in sync with the soul of the enterprise.

Operations & Implementation

Business Planning

The Strategic Plan is only the beginning. Implementation, in addition to executive operational leadership, involves the translation of strategy into tactical financial, resource, facility and, most importantly, people plans.

Operations Leadership

As an executive in your organization or as a business advisor, John works within your senior management team to implement strategic and business plans and bring them to life.

Marketing and Sales

John is a mission driven leader with the marketing, technical and strategic thinking talent to effectively drive a product, service or organization from vision to market success – from imagination to first traction.

Organizational Structure & Development

John is a connector and integrator of ideas and people, leads cross-functional teams, collaborates through challenging projects and business turnaround.

New Business Opportunities

As a company executive or a trusted business advisor, John works with business owners and senior teams to evaluate and execute business opportunities.